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Everyone loves a fresh Caesar salad. The omega 3s in this recipe combined with the freshest of ingredients make an ideal dish that will quickly become a regular part of your Paleo meals. Adapted from "The Paleo Diet Cookbook" by Loren Cordain with Nell Stephenson and Lorrie Cordain. Click here to see the How to Eat Like a Caveman story.

Most crab cakes rely on bread crumbs as a binder, which is a bummer for grain-free folks. Fortunately, the sheet pan answers the problem beautifully and allows the cakes to hold together without bread. When they are baked, you get a moist, firm cake that’s gently browned. Excerpted from Sheet Pan Paleo (Ulysses Press, 2016) by Pamela Ellgen.

Until recently, I was under the impression that paleo meant gluten free, until I learned that it really meant cooking without any processed foods. What to do when you can't use processed flour such as rice flour like with gluten-free recipes? I whisk the egg whites into a firm submission in this recipe to get the same consistency that you would get from flour.

Pies take more work to make then some other kinds of desserts, however, there is something truly magical about the moment you serve a slice of fresh baked pie with a big smile to someone you love.This recipe is courtesy of Mary Ruth's Paleo Cooking Blog.

Tenderloin is a soft cut of meat to start with, and cooking it with a hint of citrus and rosemary really brings out the subtleties in this dish.It’s wonderful served with fluffy mashed sweet potatoes.

Most honey cake recipes include coffee, I left it out of this one to simplify the recipe and make it a couple of steps easier.My husband loved this cake — as you can see from the photo, a large piece has been devoured. And a friend said it was the best honey cake she had ever eaten, gluten-free or not; however, I'll let you all be the judge of that!See all cake recipes.

Pumpkin season is my favorite time of year. When the days get shorter, the nights cool and crisp, I indulge in my fascination with those odd-shaped, brightly colored vegetables known as winter squash.Pumpkin is a type of winter squash, and I use a variety of winter squash in my pumpkin recipes. For these Paleo Pumpkin Bars I chose roasted acorn squash, though you could just as easily select sugar pumpkin (a smaller, denser, tastier version of the more ubiquitous pumpkins used for jack-o'-lanterns), kabocha, butternut, buttercup, carnival, or delicata, with fabulous results.See all squash recipes.

You know the question “if you had to pick one food to eat on a deserted island, what would it be?” or some derivation thereof that people like to ask all the time in those random hypothetical situations that will never actually happen? Yeah, I hate that question. I literally just cannot answer it. Ask me to pick one kind of cookie to eat for the rest of my life though, and hands down, without hesitation, it’d be a thumbprint.Recipe Courtesy of Food Fanatic.

Paleo recipes

These Paleo-friendly recipes will work for many versions of the caveman diet.

Baked salmon with fennel & tomatoes

Aniseedy fennel and juicy cherry tomatoes cut through the richness of salmon fillets

Salmon, avocado & cucumber salad

A salmon salad that is superhealthy, packed with omega 3 and vitamin c and versatile enough for any course

One-pan summer eggs

Satisfy your hunger with this fresh and easy vegetarian supper, or brunch if you prefer

Baked eggs with spinach & tomato

A rustic dish with a delicious combination of flavours and just four ingredients, try whipping it up for brunch

Prawn & broccoli Asian omelette

Quick, cheap and tasty, this chilli-spiked omelette can be made from storecupboard and everyday ingredients

Sardines with Sicilian fennel salad

Perfect on the barbecue, sardines add a taste of summer to any meal and are the perfect addition to an al fresco salad

Butternut squash & sage soup

This vibrant orange pumpkin blend is a healthy way to warm up - served with herbs and a drizzle of honey

Thai squash soup

Up your vegetable intake with this fragrant pumpkin soup spiced with Asian flavours

Lamb chops with smoky aubergine salad

A quick Moroccan inspired dish that is great for entertaining friends and family

Easy ratatouille with poached eggs

This gutsy one-pot can mostly be prepared in advance - just crack in the eggs at the end

Simple grilled fish with Moroccan spiced tomatoes

This delicious North African sauce with aromatic spices goes well with sea bream, sea bass or barbecued sardines

Layered roast summer vegetables

This all-in-one side dish can double up as a veggie main course, perfect for summer

Lamb steaks with artichoke salad

A meaty main or lovely lunch that will be ready in just 25 minutes

Tuna steaks with cucumber relish

Good source of heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids

Seared steak with celery & pepper caponata

Serve lean fillet steak with a rich, Italian-style pepper, olive and caper sauce and wilted spinach

Grapefruit, orange & apricot salad

A super-simple fruit salad for breakfast and beyond, sweetened with honey and packed with nutrients

Rosemary chicken with oven-roasted ratatouille

You can't beat this low-fat, one-pot recipe for an easy meal, bursting with summer colour and flavour

Avocado smoothie

This easy smoothie gets its vibrant green colour from avocado, cucumber, spinach and kale. Blitz with pineapple and coconut water.

Trout with almonds & red peppers

Try trout instead of salmon - it's quick and easy to cook, and this recipe is full of sunshine flavours

Breakfast smoothie

Make the most of the berry season with a glass of fruity goodness

Italian-style beef stew

An easy, superhealthy stew full of vitamin C

Pancetta & pepper piperade

Eggs are cracked into a rich tomato and pancetta sauce in this traditional Basque-inspired dish - perfect for brunch or a midweek meal

19 Essential Paleo Dinners That Will Please Everyone

Over the years, the Paleolithic Diet (aka the Paleo Diet, the Stone Age Diet, the Primal Blueprint, the Caveman Diet — the aliases go on) has gotten an inaccurate rep for being uber-restrictive, requiring people to cut out every carb and devour mountains of meat.

But there’s more to eating Paleo than turning into a hardcore carnivore. The diet is all about ditching sugar-loaded, highly processed food for the plant and animal foods of our hunter-gatherer ancestors.

So, no to grains, dairy, or legumes for dinner. But yes to poultry, meat, seafood, fruits, vegetables, and nuts. These 19 dinner recipes are essential for enjoying the Paleo diet.

1. Turkey sweet potato casserole with eggplant and tomato

No need to ditch all carbs when eating Paleo. Sweet potatoes give this protein-rich dish satisfying yet healthy carbs, making it a filling meal.

Serve it at a gathering or freeze six individual portions to serve one person for days.

2. Pizza soup

You can slurp down a pizza if you ditch the crust and cheese. And you won’t miss them when you dip a spoon into this bowl of goodness.

Simmering toppings like pepperoni, mushrooms, and chicken sausage (look for one with lower fat and lower sodium) in marinara sauce creates something between a slice and a stew.

3. Pumpkin chili

Make a big pot of this beanless chili on a Sunday. Full of protein from ground turkey and sweet flavor from pumpkin purée, it’ll take the thinking out of dinner during a busy workweek.

4. Creamy basil and tomato chicken

True to Paleo guidelines, this dish is dairy-free. The sauce’s velvety texture comes from a combo of sunflower seed pesto and coconut milk.

5. Ground turkey and spinach stuffed mushrooms

Take stuffed mushrooms from appetizer to entrée by filling sautéed portobello caps with a mixture of ground turkey, spinach, and tomatoes.

No baking or broiling necessary, either: This one-pan dish takes less than 30 minutes on the stovetop.

6. Shepherd’s pie with cauliflower topping

Shepherd’s pie is typically all about that creamy, fluffy potato topping. Zoom in to see what makes this version Paleo-friendly: It’s creamy, fluffy cauliflower to the rescue yet again. Yay!

7. Easy sweet-and-sour pork chops

It’s all about the glaze here. Pour this sweet, tangy, garlicky sauce over roasted pork chops and return them to the oven for 4 minutes. This could become your signature dish (just don’t tell anyone how easy it is).

8. Oven-baked Italian meatballs with marinara sauce

Everyone loves meatballs. These breadcrumb-free, baked spheres of pork and beef rest happily in homemade marinara sauce. And it only takes about 30 minutes to create this pan of goodness.

9. Spaghetti squash casserole

If you’re hankering for pasta, the no-grain Paleo policy offers tasty alternatives. Use spaghetti squash instead. Mix it with ground beef and veggies to make a casserole that will keep you pleasantly full.

10. Paprika salmon and green beans

We’re big fans of sheet pan recipes. Salmon fillets and green beans roast together for this low-maintenance meal. It’s an easy way to get in those omega-3s.

This recipe calls for canola oil, though in the paleo community, that’s a bit controversial. To play it safe, we say go for other paleo varieties, like olive, coconut, and avocado oils.

11. Spicy tuna and tomato burgers

There’s more to canned tuna than mayo-soaked salad. The fish, which is a good source of vitamin B-12 and niacin, makes an awesome burger. Wrap the burgers in lettuce or serve over salad. We also like to swap in canned salmon for the tuna.

12. Quick fish curry

Curry leaves, fresh ginger, turmeric, and curry powder season this creamy coconut milk sauce. Add your favorite fish and you’ll soon be spooning up a spice-filled dinner.

13. Garlic roasted shrimp with zucchini pasta

Garlic lovers will adore this scampi-like dish. Shrimp are roasted in a garlicky, lemony bath of olive oil and ghee (clarified butter). The sauce has a super-buttery flavor and coats the zoodles most deliciously.

14. Creamy lemon-basil spaghetti squash

Paleo may mean ditching the pasta, but who says you need to rule out the tasty sauces that go with it? Here, avocado and olive oil sub for dairy in a creamy lemon-basil sauce with six — yes, six — cloves of garlic.

Stir in spaghetti squash and kale and you just might forget about pasta.

15. Tomato-basil cauliflower rice

This vegan recipe reminds us why we love the ever-versatile cauliflower. Italian seasonings you’ve probably got in your pantry create a comforting dish of florets pulsed into rice-size pieces.

16. Paleo pineapple fried rice

Here’s another reason Paleo eaters need cauliflower in their kitchens 24/7. This fried rice, bright with red pepper, carrots, scallions, and juicy pineapple, uses coconut aminos as a Paleo-approved alternative to soy sauce.

Vegans can leave out the traditional eggs. You’re not going to find this on any takeout menu.

17. Peanut noodles

Peanuts are a Paleo no-no, so rest assured that this blogger actually uses almond butter to fit the diet’s requirements. The rich, slightly sweet and spicy sauce uses coconut aminos in place of soy.

We love how the sauce clings to the spiralized yellow zucchini noodles. Yum.

A special note about that sauce, the sriracha included in this recipe may or may not be paleo (depending on the ingredients). Always check the labels!

18. Butternut squash risotto

Cauliflower isn’t the only veggie that can sub for rice. Butternut squash, a vitamin A powerhouse, is a filling alternative. Substitute vegetable stock for the bone broth the blogger uses in this rich and satisfying risotto.

19. Paleo and vegan scalloped sweet potatoes

Thanksgiving? Birthday? Random Saturday evening? These sweet scalloped spuds will make any of them extra-special. This dish is incredibly creamy, thanks to the coconut-almond milk combo beneath a mouthwateringly golden-brown top.

This is the stuff that everyone — Paleo eaters, carnivores, vegans, or flexitarians — can agree on.

These 19 essential Paleo dinner recipes will help you eat deliciously while going primal. Revel in all you can eat using these easy recipes with poultry, meat, seafood, eggs, vegetables, fruits, and nuts. We’ve got Paleo-vegan covered too!

The Best Easy Paleo Recipes

If you want all the best paleo recipes in one place, look no further! This collection includes all kinds of ideas, from paleo dinners to paleo desserts, and everything in between.

Come back often so that you don't miss any paleo recipes!

Wicked Spatula is a paleo blog, which means that literally all the recipes on this website are easy paleo recipes! This Paleo section is just a place to browse all of them from one place, ordered by date.

Just click the pictures below to view the paleo recipes.

Paleo Sides

Paleo Broccoli Salad

Most recipes for broccoli salad rely on a mayonnaise-based dressing that overwhelms the flavor of the broccoli. For our paleo version, we decided to skip the mayo entirely and instead find a simple substitute that would allow the broccoli to shine.

Paleo Garlicky Swiss Chard

We wanted a one-pot approach to cooking hearty, flavorful Swiss chard.

Paleo Roasted Carrot “Noodles”

We set out to create a simple and versatile carrot side that would work with a wide range of dishes.

Paleo Sautéed Summer Squash Ribbons

Summer squash and zucchini make great side dishes they cook quickly and have creamy, delicately flavored flesh that pairs perfectly with most proteins.

Paleo Slow-Cooker Mashed Sweet Potatoes

With their deep, natural sweetness and vibrant orange flesh, sweet potatoes can round out many a meal—from rich spicy stews to smoky grilled meats.

Paleo Brussels Sprout Salad

While roasting can bring out the intense flavor of Brussels sprouts, we don’t always want to turn on the oven to enjoy this versatile vegetable.

100 Paleo Whole30 Dinner Recipes

With over 100 Paleo Whole30 dinner recipes, I've got you covered for some healthy mealtime eating. All of the recipes are gluten free, grain free, dairy free and free from processed ingredients and refined sugar.

New to the Paleo diet or simply interested in a healthier way of eating?

I got you covered with all the background on the benefits of the Paleo diet and some great recipes to get you started.

So you know what we have to cover now? Paleo Whole30 dinner recipes of course.

I'm ending with a bang as I have over 100 paleo recipes that you can whip up for a tasty dinner. You could probably even turn a lot of these into breakfast and lunch recipes for the next day. You gotta love leftovers.

Now armed with nearly 300 Paleo Whole30 recipes for every meal of the day, I hope you can find something healthy to eat anytime you’re hungry.

Dig into these gluten free, grain free, dairy free, and sugar free recipes. Bon Appetit!

An Index of the Best Paleo Recipes from My Natural Family

You have come to one of the vital useful websites for the very best nutritious and DELICIOUS Paleo Recipes!

Consuming Paleo is gaining popularity as individuals attempt the Paleo weight loss plan and uncover its advantages, together with how useful it’s in shedding pounds and feeling wholesome.

So, attempt them out and see the way it advantages you and your loved ones at this time! I began consuming this fashion lengthy earlier than I had heard of the Paleo weight loss plan. I assumed I used to be the one one that needed to eat this fashion due to meals allergic reactions.

I used to be certain stunned when I discovered the Paleo weight loss plan and realized that plenty of different individuals have been now consuming how I ate. Now I wish to share my finest recipes with you so you can also expertise the advantages of the Paleo weight loss plan.

Frozen Lemon Bars

The slightly sweet and crumbly texture of the crust which holds together the creamy lemony filling is what makes these frozen lemon bars insanely good.

Serve these in the Summer and your family and friends will be begging for seconds! A perfect combination of flavors and textures which puts any ordinary non-paleo lemon tart to shame!

Head over to for all the details!

Frozen Lemon Bars

19 Essential, Easy Paleo Lunch Recipes

It can be tough for anyone to escape from their desk to get a midday meal, but for Paleo eaters, lunchtime can be even more of a challenge. No grains means no sandwiches, a major lunchtime staple.

No worries — we’ve got your back. We’ve gathered 19 Paleo lunch recipes that are easy enough to whip up on a weekend and pack for a weekday lunch.

These hearty, flavorful meals take full advantage of the poultry, meat, eggs, vegetables, fruits, and nuts allowed on the Paleo diet. Eating well at lunch will help you stay alert and focused the rest of the day.

P.S. You don’t need to be on the Paleo plan to enjoy these recipes. Go ahead and add them to your brown bag rotation.

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1. Chipotle chicken lettuce wraps

If you think lettuce wraps are limp and too light to sustain you, get ready to have your mind — and taste buds — blown. Between the jalapeño chiles and homemade chipotle sauce, your lettuce won’t know what hit it.

2. Cuban picadillo lettuce wraps

Loaded with flavor, these lettuce tacos are filled with ground beef flavored with cinnamon, cumin, and sharp, salty-sour capers and green olives. Top these babies with the homemade pico de gallo and it’s a lunch party.

3. California turkey and bacon wraps with basil mayo

Satisfy your California dreams with these West Coast-inspired wraps. This blogger shows you how to assemble and wrap crisp iceberg lettuce, spread with a fresh basil vegan mayo, around slices of turkey, bacon, avocado, and tomato. Make sure to use a paleo-friendly mayo.

Just stick a bamboo toothpick in it and serve.

4. Steak and sriracha lettuce wraps

Everyone loves fajitas. Sizzling steak? What’s not to love? Here, the seasoning is amped up Paleo-style with coconut aminos. Make this for Sunday lunch. Leftovers will make a workday lunch shine.

5. Cajun garlic shrimp noodle bowls

Quick-cooking shrimp are a good choice for a Paleo lunch. Here, Cajun-seasoned crustaceans are cooked with garlic and olive oil and then tossed with sautéed onions and red bell peppers. Zoodles stand in for pasta.

6. Egg roll in a bowl

Satisfy your Chinese takeout cravings with this wrapperless roll. Fiber-packed cabbage joins carrots and scallions and gets a flavor boost from coconut aminos (a Paleo-friendly sub for soy sauce).

Add eggs or meat to make it heartier.

7. Bowl of doom

Named after a dish at a blogger’s favorite restaurant, this ought to be called “bowl of amazing.” Make a hash of sweet potato and ground beef and top it with an egg cooked just how you like it.

Serve with salsa and avocado and prepare to meet your doom — and joy.

8. Cuban sandwich bowls

With crispy cabbage, sweet and tangy mojo pork, salty deli ham, creamy avocado, and fried plantains, who needs bread?

Simmer the pork in your slow cooker and fry up the plantain chips on the weekend. Then pack up individual servings to tote to work. You’ll be grateful on those busy days when you can’t get out at lunch. No need resort to leftover doughnuts from the break room!

9. BLT bowl

It’s all the good parts of a BLT and more. Crispy bacon, juicy tomatoes, and fresh lettuce welcome avocado and cucumber. Yes, that’s feta cheese in the photo — strict Paleo eaters can simply omit it.

10. Mason jar healthy taco salad

Your co-workers will be jealous when they see you eating this Mexican-inspired chicken salad. You’ll get protein from the chicken and vitamins from colorful veggies like carrots, red bell pepper, cucumber, and tomatoes. Add in some pumpkin seeds for extra crunch and satiety.

11. Antipasto salad

If the Italian sub is your first choice at the deli, this antipasto salad is for you. Keep in mind that cured meats should be eaten in moderation. Here, they play a flavor-enhancing role among many veggies.

If you’re taking this salad to work, pack the dressing separately and toss just before eating.

12. Salmon salad power bowls

There are so many awesome things happening in these bowls of deliciousness: salmon (which may reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease), high fiber raspberries, and heart-healthy avocado oil.

Lunch at your desk can be life-affirming.

13. Thai chopped chicken salad

This mason jar salad is bursting with fresh flavors. Featuring mango, roasted peppers, and a spicy chili vinaigrette, this Paleo lunch will transport you away from thoughts of work. You need the mental break — admit it.

Thanks to the layering in the jar, the lettuce won’t get soggy while you wait for lunchtime.

14. Paleo burgers with caramelized balsamic onions and avocado

Burgers are really about the meat and fixings, not the bun. Here, savory-sweet caramelized onions rest on a juicy beef patty.

Served on thick tomato slices (why didn’t we think of that?) and topped with sliced avocado, these creations will tempt even non-Paleo eaters.

15. Rosemary lamb burgers with pesto

Lamb and rosemary are classic partners, and these are some of the tastiest, juiciest burgers you’ll ever eat, Paleo or not. They’re topped with hempseed pesto to amp up the garlicky, lemony Mediterranean flavors.

16. Grilled Paleo pizza

Tapioca flour and coconut flour make up the tasty crust of this Paleo pizza. It’s super customizable — just throw on whatever toppings you love or whatever’s in your fridge. If you’re eating primal, add a little cheese. Skip it if you’re strictly Paleo.

17. Paleo meatloaf muffins

Scarfing down lunch before a meeting? Pop one of these meatloaf muffins. They travel well, and the turkey-pork combo is a welcome change from beef.

We love the sweet onion, zucchini, and ’shrooms here, but you could easily swap in spinach or broccoli. And what is it about muffin tins? They make everything taste better.

18. Smoky grilled pineapple burger

Smoky burger, meet sweet, sweet pineapple. You’ll love the flavor contrast of paprika-spiked beef (choose grass-fed for more omega-3 fatty acids) and juicy grilled pineapple. Hawaiian shirts are optional.

19. Paleo Cajun burgers

These look like your basic burgers… and then you sink your teeth in. Hello, Cajun spices! Think cayenne, cumin, garlic, paprika, and thyme. Serve them on lettuce leaves or, if you’ve got time to spare, bake the accompanying Paleo buns.

Lunch doesn’t have to be a challenge for a Paleo eater — it can be an opportunity. These 19 recipes embrace all the Paleo ingredients with delicious results.

Enjoy this easy, crunchy Keto cracker recipe and never look back. Low carb and filled with flavor this snack will keep you on track.

Easy to make thin crust Keto pizza that tastes delicious and has no excess carbs to kick you out of ketosis. You can finally enjoy a pizza crust without added cheese that’s actually low in carbs.