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Carrot and apple juice recipe

Carrot and apple juice recipe

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Fresh carrot and apple juice with a hint of ginger is a refreshing way to start the day. I find that if you add beetroot, it makes it a fantastic colour and also gives you an extra boost.

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IngredientsServes: 1

  • 4 carrots, trimmed
  • 2 apples, quartered
  • 2 stalks celery
  • 1 (1cm) piece fresh ginger

MethodPrep:10min ›Ready in:10min

  1. Run carrots, apples and celery through a juicer (alternating carrot, apple, and celery) according to manufacturer's instructions. Add ginger to juicer and process.

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by Nadia Sosnoski

So delicious! Really love this recipe. I’ve made it twice following the directions to a T and it has turned out great both times.-15 Dec 2018

Carrot Apple Smoothie Recipe | Carrot Apple Glowing Juice Recipe | Summer Special Smoothie Recipe

Summer is all about indulging in a soothing coolant which will save us from the heat and at the same time, lend us vitamins, minerals and keep us hydrated. But, in reality, every year we end up buying a heap of mass-produced cold drinks, which are loaded with preservatives, artificial sweeteners, colours and everything that will do more harm than good to our dear body!

To change this scenario this year, let's make some amazing smoothie recipes in home and say goodbye to cold drinks. In our summer-special smoothie recipe series, our today's pick is this utterly delicious carrot-apple smoothie recipe, which will surely take your heart just by its vibrant colour itself!

We call this carrot-apple smoothie recipe a perfect juice for glowing skin. Why, you ask? Science says carrot contains antioxidants and Vitamin A, which will help your skin to be young. Plus, orange juice which is an essential part of this summer-smoothie recipe will lend you Vitamin C, which again helps to create collagen for skin, rejuvenating it every day to look more young and wrinkle free.

On top of all that, the combination of this smoothie recipe helps you to maintain low cholesterol. For sweeteners, we have strictly avoided using sugar or any other artificial sweetening agent, hence this carrot-apple smoothie recipe can be easily trusted as one of the healthiest smoothies that you have come across.

Making of smoothies is extremely simple. Just take fresh fruits and add them to a blender. Add honey with it and blend away to perfection. The best part of this carrot-apple smoothie is the addition of the orange juice to the recipe, which adds an essential fresh zest to the otherwise bitter carrot taste.

To know how to make this carrot apple smoothie recipe, check out our video or quickly take a look at the recipe below.

Is Carrot a Fruit?

Carrots are not fruit, neither in scientific or culinary terms.

Under the scientific definition, a fruit is the seed-bearing product of a flowering plant. For instance, apples and tomatoes emerge from a plant and contain seeds, which makes them fruits.

In culinary terms, a fruit is high in fructose making sweet produce like mango and oranges unmistakably fruits. But by the scientific/botanical definition, this rules out carrots, as they are low-fructose and generally served as a savory dish.

Because they’re neither seed-bearing nor sweet, carrots are grouped as vegetables.

Vegetables are generally considered to be the remaining parts of a plant. This includes the roots, stems, and leaves all non-seed-bearing parts. This definition then includes the carrot root.

Carrot Apple Juice

This carrot apple juice recipe might make ya pucker your lips because of the tartness of the lime, but I love it. When talking about juice, I am referring to the liquid we can extract from fruits and vegetables. This liquid is full of all the nutrients and vitamins that are in the plants being juiced the rest is fiber. When you juice fruits and veggies, you are essentially squeezing all the nutrition out of them, as all the good stuff is found in the juice, leaving only fiber behind. Here’s where you might ask, “But isn’t fiber good for me?” You’re right. A diet high in fiber is the way to a healthy gut and long life. Having said that, as long as you’re already eating a high-fiber diet, adding juices to it is an excellent thing to do. The benefits of juicing are numerous and substantial. Without the fiber to digest, your body can literally absorb the nutrients right away—I mean, in like 15 minutes, all that good stuff will be flowing through your blood. You can also consume more. When was the last time you ate a pound of carrots for breakfast?–Emily von Euw

LC Sweetly Tart Note

What makes this carrot apple juice recipe work, in our opinion, is the intriguing interplay between tart and sweet. To ramp up its pucker power, we relied not just on lime but on tart green apples instead of the more dulcet red ones. But that’s us. Do as you please.

Carrot Apple Glow Juice

When I was about eleven or twelve years old, my Mom bought a juicer. I’m not sure how popular juicers were in the seventies, but to me, it was a really cool novelty. I loved when she broke that thing out. She’d pull any and every fruit or vegetable we had in the fridge out and laid them all on the kitchen counter. We experimented a lot.

Some juices were really bitter and not sweet at all. I really didn’t like them. But, one day she combined carrot and apple. The juice was so sweet and refreshing. I loved it! From then on, that was my favorite. So much so, that I think at one point I may have turned a bit orange!

I still juice, but not regularly (the day someone invents a self-cleaning juicer…then, I’ll juice regularly). So, every so often, I get a craving for juices and bend myself into a pretzel to pull that thing out of the back of the cabinet.

I almost always make this juice first. This combination of carrot and apple is still my favorite, but I’ve found that adding a bit of orange dilutes and softens the slightly bitter taste that can come from carrots. The orange really adds a freshness and brightness to this juice that I really love.

Why call this a “Glow Juice”? It’s all about the combination of antioxidants. Carrots contain the antioxidant beta carotene which turns into Vitamin A in our bodies. Vitamin A helps form and maintain healthy skin. The other important vitamin is Vitamin C. It stimulates the production of collagen in our skin.

I don’t recommend drinking much more than one serving a day. There is a lot of natural sugar in this juice and too much beta carotene will have you turning orange just like I did as a kid. It’s harmless and will go away as soon as you stop consuming the juice, but keep that in mind!

People use juices in different ways. Some do cleanses where they only consume juices for anywhere from a day to three or more days. I’ve done those juice cleanses, but, to me, juices make a better addition to a healthy diet instead of being a replacement for healthy whole foods.

So, if you’re new to juicing, this is a great one to start with. It tastes delicious. See my notes below for juicing tips!

  • Meal Type: Snack
  • Dietary Type: Vegetarian, Vegan
  • Prep Time: 10 minutes
  • Serves: 1

This juicing recipe is a sweet tasting, satisfying drink that cleanses the body and provides many essential vitamins and minerals in a quick and easy form.

Spinach is high in B Vitamins, as well as Vitamin A, C, and K. The Spinach Apple Carrot combo is also high in calcium, potassium, iron and magnesium. The fruit and veggie combo in liquid form makes this a detoxifying recipe that provides a good midday energy boost that tastes great.

4-5 Carrots
2 Apples
2 Cups Spinach

Wash all of the fruits and vegetables thoroughly, being careful to remove all dirt from the carrots and spinach. Cut the ends off of the carrots and throw away (you can peel the carrots if you like but leaving the skins on provides the most nutritional benefit). Cut the veggies into a size that is suitable for your juicer and start juicing. Drink right away to get the most from this nutritious, detoxifying juice.

Juicing fresh vegetables is one of the best things that you can do for your body, especially in conjunction with regular exercise. When you drink fresh vegetables, you deliver all of the nutrients of those veggies to your system in a form that is easily and readily processed by your body.

Look under the Smoothie and Juicing Recipes tab for more fun fruit and veggie combos that will boost your energy levels and improve your health.


Today is the exactly one year since I got my diagnosis. The day when my whole world just collapsed. I had cancer, I was living with cancer. An aggressive cancer. I was only 32 years old and just had my babies. This was the day when everyone wanted to know my news, the good news that it all was fine. But it was not like that at all, instead I was left with breaking the cancer news.

Breaking the news that you have cancer is probably the hardest thing you can do. There are no strategies. How do you tell your mother you have cancer? How can you tell your friends that the biopsy is cancerous after “don’t worry, it’s probably nothing”? Since I was diagnosed I’ve felt like my life has turned up-side-down. I was supposed to start this year strong and healthy. I was finally starting to sleep better as my youngest was sleeping better at night, I was going to/ well trying (when I did not drank wine which are most days – you should try a life with two toddles under 3) the gym 5-times-a-week, and I had eliminated naughty carbohydrates from my diet and introduced healthier, but still yummy, desert and cake alternatives when baking with my boys (hmm attempted a few times). This was going to be my year.

Breaking the news….I must admit, I found it easier to tell people over a text, a Whatsapp, a Facebook message. Probably because I didn’t have to face them. Still to this date, I haven’t told everyone. Telling my mother was the hardest. I could not have done it via a message. It had to be done via FaceTime. I tried as much as I could to keep my tears away, as I could see hers coming. I had to be strong and almost highlight every third minute that I was going to be fine. But how do I know for sure? Well, I just have to trust the science and believe it will work! If I believe, then everyone else will. For a good week or so my mother was questioning whether the results and diagnosis was correct. “Hasn’t this been some sort of a mix-up” she repeated? Maybe we need to get another doctor to look at this. I suppose, like any mother, she was in denial.

The worse thing is that people don’t really know what to say when you tell them. It’s the pity eyes But I totally understand! My best friend burst into tears when I told her – I’m sure I would have reacted in the same way.

The best thing for me was for M to take on most of the “breaking the news” part, as I couldn’t face it. He tells me that the best way to do this is to avoid negative words, so instead of saying, “she has cancer” or “I have cancer”, focus on the therapy side of it and say, “she is going to go through chemotherapy for the next six months, then surgery, and most likely radiotherapy”. Never mention the word ‘cancer’ if you can help it. People don’t respond well to the big ‘C’, as we all know.

Today it’s been a year since that day, when everything felt so surreal and unreal. But this year I am free from cancer and recovering. What a difference a year makes right? I feel so much better! So I would like to share my favourite carrot detox juice recipe with you as it helps me feeling fantastic again.

This carrot juice is all about detox, chemotherapy and radio therapy recovery. Apples are known for boosting our immune system and keeping us free from infections, which is very important during chemotherapy. Carrots contain powerful ­cancer-fighting chemicals such as falcarinol. The benefits of lime are many, including stimulating production of enzymes that help your liver detox. The limes have also shown to be able to restrict cancer cell progression and induce cell death.

Have you made this carrot detox juice recipe?

We’d love to see your juice creations! Please leave a comment below, share or tag using @anticancerkitchen on Instagram and hashtag it #anticancerkitchen.

Pour in a bottle or pitcher and store in the fridge for up to 2 days. You can freeze for up to 3 months. When needed, bring out of the freezer and put in the fridge to thaw then shake, serve and enjoy.

  • Adjust the quantity of honey and water to suit your preference.
  • Cut fruit and vegetables into small sizes so it's easier to blend.
  • Serve on ice to have immediately chilled juice.
  • You can add in some lemon juice to make it carrot lemonade.
  • Add milk, cinnamon and ginger to make it Jamaican carrot juice.

Is it safe to drink carrot juice everyday?

Yes, you can drink it every day if you wish. It is nutritious, hydrates and refreshes. Remember moderation is key.

Does carrot juice reduce weight

It may help in weight loss as it is low in calories and can be substituted with sugary drinks. Drink as part of a healthy weight loss diet.

How do you make carrot juice taste better

Carrots are naturally sweet. Combining with fruits like oranges, apples, cucumber, enhances the taste.

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Juicer Recipes

Now after we researched juicers and chose the one we thought would be right for us, the next thing to do after it was delivered was to search out juice recipes to try. I found several that I printed out and had on hand during my very first juicing experience.

You know… because I was terrified of throwing ingredients into the juicer and ending up with a crazy-weird-gross concoction that nobody would drink except for me.

Thankfully, I quickly learned that it’s hard to mess up juice, and it’s actually very easy to come up with simple recipes that you can remember as you go.

Today, I’m sharing one such recipe.

It’s for a deliciously healthy carrot, celery, and apple juice.

All you need to make this juice is six carrots, two stalks of celery, and two apples. If you want to give it a little punch in flavor, you could add one-fourth of a lemon or even a small piece of ginger.

Your Shopping List

This might be an orange juice, but you won't need any oranges!

Here is what you'll need to grab at the grocery store to make one serving of this pear juice recipe:

  • 1 ripe apple (green)
  • 2 ripe pears (bosc)
  • 3 carrots
  • 1 lemon (you'll only need a small slice)

If you're planning to make more than 1 serving, simply multiply the list above by the number of servings you plan to make. Keep in mind that you'll only need 1 lemon per 8 servings of juice.

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